Introducing Sci-fi Word of the Week and Fitness for Nerds

Starting this week, I’m going to be doing two regular features on my blog. I don’t want this place to be me just rambling on about my books, so I thought up a couple of interesting things I could talk about, and my strange brain spit out these two random subjects.

Mondays: Every Monday, I’ll post my designated Sci-fi Word of the Week, explain its background, its meaning, various random facts about it, and if applicable, where you can find examples of it in pop culture. As I’m a little obsessed with space at the moment, several of the first words of the week will probably be space-related, which leads me to this: some of the words I’ll talk about on Mondays will technically not be science fiction words, as the technology or the events or the objects are real. Some of them will be fictional, but I also want to talk about some real scientific principles that are pretty spectacular and that we don’t encounter in everyday life.

Fridays: Every Friday, I’ll post about surviving my attempts to be a healthy and fit person, in a humorous way, referencing lots of fun sci-fi and fantasy. As an introvert and someone who loves binge-watching Stargate and reading books for hours, I feel out of my element sometimes at the gym, even though I do really love getting a good workout.  The first post I have planned for this will be titled: Surviving Insanity A.K.A. Azkaban. So, you can see where that one’s going.

I’m hoping these will be entertaining and interesting regular features. In any case, it’ll be fun for me to write them. Check back tomorrow for the first word of the week. Hint: it’s going to be space-related.


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