Bone Dry Proof Copies Arrived!

Something arrived today that I’ve wanted to see for a very long time. Hint: it was a box of these things:

photo (5)

I actually sat down on the floor and took a few deep breaths before I opened the box. Overly dramatic? Maybe! But this was a big deal to me. Bone Dry was the third book I wrote (out of six, currently), but it was the first book I really poured myself into. The first draft flew from my fingertips. While it may just be a fun romp with magic, chase scenes, banter, and sneaking around, it’s my favorite. Because the real heart of the story is Holly and her mother, who is dying. It’s about watching someone you love slip away from you and being completely powerless to stop it. And it’s about how Holly would do absolutely anything in the world to fix things, even if that means losing herself. The scenes between the two of them are my favorite part of the book, even more so than the budding romance scenes between Holly and Nathan. I am so very glad that I am able to put their story out into the world.

photo (9)

I am one happy author.


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