Advance Reader Squad

What’s the Advance Reader Squad?

My Advance Reader Squad is an important group of readers who have volunteered to review advance e-book copies of my new releases. A few weeks before release day, publishers send Advance Review Copies (ARCs) to select readers in exchange for an honest review of the book on Amazon and /or Goodreads. These reviews are critical in helping launch a new book off the ground.

Benefits of joining the squad

You get a free electronic copy of each new book.
You get to read it before anyone else.

What does a squad member do?

Since advance reviews are super important to the success of a newly launched book, the book needs to be read before the day of the release, and the review should be ready to be posted on Amazon and / or Goodreads by release day.

How can I join the squad?

Just sign up by clicking here!

The Advance Reader Squad has a limited number of slots.

Current squad status: ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS.

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