The Soul Shamans Series

From the knitting needles, to Holly, to the shaman rituals, Bone Dry is a must-read for lovers of paranormal and urban fantasy.Chandler Baker, Author of ALIVE

“Vance tells the story beautifully, and – dare I say it? – with heaps of originality and humour.” – Mandy BookWorm’s Book Blog

Bone-Dry-AmazonBone Dry (Soul Shamans, Book 1)

Read a sample | Available now on Amazon

Sometimes it isn’t as easy as choosing right or wrong….

Sixteen-year-old Holly Bennett is a comic book nerd, a con artist, and a shaman. Ever since her mom’s mind got stuck halfway between the spirit world and ours, Holly’s been forced to act as the unexpected breadwinner of the family. She uses her burgeoning shaman powers to set up fake hauntings and “banish” the so-called ghosts from her wealthy classmates’ bedrooms. For a fee, of course.
But when actual spirits start manifesting, Holly discovers that other shamans have come to town, summoning life-sucking spirits for their own ends. And as her mom’s mind slips further away, Holly has to fight to save her, and the rest of the town, before they get sucked into Lower World permanently.


Bone Cold (Soul Shamans, Book 2)

Available now on Amazon

Just when Holly Bennett thinks life in the sleepy town of Seaport might finally be back to normal—or as normal as it gets when you’re a shaman—the you-know-what hits the fan again.

Nathan, her sweet boyfriend, turns distant and cold. Her best friend Laura grows secretive and paranoid, and her mother disappears to hunt a dangerous shaman. Naturally, that’s the moment soul-sucking spirits descend upon Seaport, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. And familiar faces lie among the dead.

Holly struggles to stop the carnage, but she soon finds these spirits are impervious to her powers. Alone and confused, she must unlock the their secrets while there’s still something of Seaport left to save. But when the sinister truth is revealed, friendships will break and lives will be lost. And Holly will learn what it means to be utterly betrayed.


Bone Bound (Soul Shamans, Book 3)

Coming July 28, 2015 | Pre-order now on Amazon

Book 3 in the Soul Shamans series.

After the tragic events that took place during Seaport’s bitter winter, Holly Bennett decides an escape is the only way to deal with her grief. She sets off on a training mission with the mysterious and dangerous shaman and ex-soldier, Constantine, to track down the missing members of the Shaman Congress, including her mother. What they find is more than either of them bargained for, and Holly is forced to decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice to save the ones she loves.

Bone-BurntBone Burnt (Soul Shamans, Book 4)

Coming Soon in 2015

Book 4 in the Soul Shamans series. Coming soon!




Bone Carved (Soul Shamans, Prequel Short Story)

Available now on Amazon

Holly Bennett teams up with her best friend to con their classmates into thinking they’re being haunted. It’s super unethical, but Holly needs the extra cash, especially since her mother’s mind is perilously stuck halfway between the real world and the spirit world. Someone has to make a living until Holly figures out how to save her, and her dad’s fugitive status means it sure as hell won’t be him.

When Holly’s crush, comic book nerd Nathan Whitman, comes to her for help, Holly assumes that Laura is behind another fake haunting, as per usual. But when Holly shows up at Nathan’s house, there’s no sign of a con around. Something full of dark magic is swirling inside his room, and Holly must face a real spirit of Lower World for the very first time. Or both of their lives will be sucked dry before she can even count to ten.


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