Bone Cold

Bone-ColdBook 2 in the Soul Shamans seriesAvailable now at Amazon

Just when Holly Bennett thinks life in the sleepy town of Seaport might finally be back to normal—or as normal as it gets when you’re a shaman—the you-know-what hits the fan again.

Nathan, her sweet boyfriend, turns distant and cold. Her best friend Laura grows secretive and paranoid, and her mother disappears to hunt a dangerous shaman. Naturally, that’s the moment soul-sucking spirits descend upon Seaport, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. And familiar faces lie among the dead.

Holly struggles to stop the carnage, but she soon finds these spirits are impervious to her powers. Alone and confused, she must unlock their secrets while there’s still something of Seaport left to save. But when the sinister truth is revealed, friendships will break and lives will be lost. And Holly will learn what it means to be utterly betrayed.


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